Thursday, October 21, 2010

The new cutoff point of open source differences: the narrow and broad open source open source

Open source is open source that everyone can understand. Open-source software industry was born in 1997, spring, some of the free software community leaders gathered in California. This community includes EricRaymond, TimO'Rerlly, VA Research's president, Larry Augustin and others, their concern is to find ways to escape to the past to promote free software people thought this idea. They fear that the Free Software Foundation's anti-business doctrine will make people turn away from free software.

In Eric Raymond's insistence, the group agreed that they lacked the marketing campaign, the campaign aims to win the ideological, rather than market share. The result of the final discussion of a new term to describe them to promote software: Open Source (open source software). They developed a series of guiding principles, to describe what the software can qualify as open source software.

Let us call these open source open source narrowly. In fact not only on behalf of open source software open source code, open source itself means freedom, sharing and use of resources. Open source is a spirit of open source is a Mandarin. This definition will be called generalized open source.

Generalized than the narrower open source was born to early and more generalized open source associated with the development of human history, antiquity to the present generalized open source everywhere. AD 1642, was born in England of a slope in a remote village called Urso Newton discovered gravity, in a broad sense, driven by open source thinking, he found that all this public, so that the human development of a qualitative change. If he would apply for a patent of gravity, using intellectual property protection. It is simply unimaginable consequences. In 1879, Edison after thousands of experiments, one batch of the world's first carbon filament incandescent lamp was born. Is generalized open source ideas accepted by the people for granted until these technologies are fully open. However, with the development of society, as people want to occupy the interests of money growing. First of all, had closed in the software idea patent software development, commercialization has led to the development of software technology itself is not healthy. Today, the official narrowly open-source software industry will once again thinking back to the open source ideology in general. Open-source software industry will become the future trend or the end. Only once in the software industry because the commercial companies in a given period of spoiler to enter adverse development period. Now we need to build the open source community is to ask people the most pressing ideological sources of revenue for the hearts and minds, only that was able to achieve open-source software, sharing of resources was achieved.

General revenue sharing is the core content. The IT people have been emerging in the software industry this big airs. It is an information technology-driven era. Now a new concept will be proposed, that is, technological resources, Resources Technology, RT people. RT were advocating resource sharing, RT who know how to make full use of all resources, the only use of them. China's labor surplus in the current, serious economic situation in various industries under the landslide. RT people better use of resources will become dominant.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Duba over one million downloads in Japan very attractive price

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun drug tyrants personally led into the Japanese market, initial victory. Duba Japanese in Japan, downloads 5 months breaking 1 million copies earlier than expected time of 7 months to complete this goal. Jinshan Gold for outstanding performance in overseas confidence in China to add other software companies.

Duba Japanese announced last September into the Japanese market, and launched the first 100 million a year for free download to use market strategies. This goal ahead of schedule, to a certain extent, explain the implementation of Gold Mountain in the Japanese market "software free of charge, the service paid" market model is successful. In addition, the Japanese PC manufacturers Aro System's two computer models have tied a full Japanese version of Kingsoft Internet Security 2006.

Jinshan marketing person on the phone to reporters yesterday, analysis, and from the Japanese media to reflect the information the user point of view, Duba success in Japan, the main reason is the extremely attractive price, fast virus database updates, system resources Japanese Chin-occupied low-and e-mail response within 4 hours of service system.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Struts framework in the Session object to create and control

Let me first explain to the session object created in the web development and sessionId generation and returned to the client operating system.

session object when the client first visit, create a new session object. and also generate a sessionId, sessionId in the response will form in response packet back to client browser more memory or a way to rewrite the url returned to the client, to keep the entire conversation, as long as the sever side of the session object is not destroyed, later calling request.getSession () when directly under the client's sessionId to retrieve the generated server-side session object and returns, not again go to New , except in accordance with the sessionId not retrieve session object.

The following is tested in IE, because of a BUG is IE6.0 privacy settings even if IE is to prevent all cookie, they still will be a session cookie to save sessionId. So here are based on the session cookie to discuss

(1) in the server does not shut down, and destroy the object in the session time, when the client again to request the servlet or jsp server side, it will be the first request generated sessionId, and with the information in the request header to the server end send, server-side after receiving sessionId sessionId will go under the search (this process is transparent) server session corresponding to the object and directly back to the session object, this time not to re-establish a new session object.

(2) When the server shut down (prior to the session object generated also disappeared), or the session object after the destruction of time, none of the browser window, and again in the browser window to request the servlet and jsp sever-side when At this point the same will sessionId (server down or destroyed when the session generated sessionId) sent to the server side, server based sessionId find the corresponding session object, but the session object does not exist at this time, at this time will re-generate a new session object, and generate new sessionId and the same will be the new generation of sessionId in response to messages sent to the browser in the form of memory.

(3) When the server does not shut down, and session object in the destruction of time, when the request for a jsp page back to the client, close the browser window, this time his memory sessionId along with it the destruction, to request the re- sever-side of the servlet or jsp, it will re-generate a sessionId to the client browser, and there browse memory.

The above theory is set up to test the servlet, the following talk about the struts framework of the above tests of different places.

Under the first test procedure summary that process:

Client requests> enter the server side IndexAction ---> Turn login.jsp page -----> request> into server-side LoginAction.

First note: IndexAction session object is not to produce, login.jsp set.

(1) Environmental servlet + jsp:

In sevlet + jsp test track, the shift in login.jsp, after entering IndexAction when the browser at this time in memory there is no session cookie, then enter the login.jsp on request LoginAction, the use of request. getCookies () test, its value is null it! result is stable together, because from the beginning had set the final session did not produce it!

(2) Environmental struts + jsp:

In struts + jsp test track, the same as with the above process, began to think the result should be the same, but after debugging and found the result is not thought so. Later in the into LoginActoin with request.getCookies ( ) tests, we found that its value is not null, that he has a name and value, began to not understand, because there is no create-off session object, it would be no session cookie value. But the result, so think of this time here memory devices also should have a session cookie, the problem is here! come from?

Later, after careful consideration, the thought of struts in the characteristics of writing our own struts Action class is the successor of Action, and is the result before the struts ActionServlet the central controller to control the steering, so I think certainly in the process into my own IndexAction written before, struts framework of the code certainly has created a session object and has generated sessionId. So to find relevant books on the workflow and see the ActionServlet calls which class, which really looked after seeing HttpSession session = request. getSession (); this sentence! then answer it is clear which.

We all know that struts the ActionServlet class, receiving our client's request (*. do) after (before a series of initialization will do the work), not directly to deal with our request and calls the corresponding Action (if we write IndexAction), but the processing to the RequestProcessor class, the process method will call the appropriate number of methods to accomplish the request handling and steering operation. a way which attracted my attention, is processLocale () method.

Struts Framework: RequestProcess class processLocale () method of prototype as follows:


protected void processLocale (HttpServletRequest request,

HttpServletResponse response) (

/ / Are we configured to select the Locale automatically?

if (! moduleConfig.getControllerConfig (). getLocale ()) (



/ / Has a Locale already been selected?

HttpSession session = request.getSession ();

if (session.getAttribute (Globals.LOCALE_KEY)! = null) (



/ / Use the Locale returned by the servlet container (if any)

Locale locale = request.getLocale ();

if (locale! = null) (

if (log.isDebugEnabled ()) (

log.debug ("Setting user locale '" + locale + "'");


session.setAttribute (Globals.LOCALE_KEY, locale);



Such in the struts-config.xml configuration file in the corresponding configuration items: its default state locale property is true, also would call processLocale method and the first request to create session objects and generate sessionId. but to false after the first request would not reach the ActionServlet calls processLocale method, there could not generate a session object.

The results also come out in the struts application, *. do arrive after the server-side through the ActionServlet, turn to our own IndexAction written before, (the default state ), they have produced a session object and sessionId, which is generated struts framework of the class, even if we write in IndexAction in HttpSession session = request.getSession (); it is RequestProcess class processLocale () method generated At this point the session of the isNew also still true, because it has not returned to the client, which is newly created, then in accordance with the above process, when adopted in the login.jsp into LoginAction, its request.getCookies () of course also has a value! and its value is RequestProcess class processLocale () method produces the generated session object.

If we add in the struts-config.xml when, at this time if another process to track according to the above procedure, and LoginAction with request.getCookies () test, its value is null, of course, write in IndexAction HttpSession session = request.getSession (); when it is time to enter IndexAction newly created, isNew is true. (

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dogs save download trouble Thunder online on-demand

According to the 24th China Internet Survey report, online video still accounts for network entertainment in the heavy head. Thunder will be a lot of people through online video download to your hard drive up to watch for his own good pleasure. However, with bandwidth upgrades and technological innovations, Thunder Dog provides online on-demand video features, but also provides a subset of features selected BT film. Such a new way, save the download problems, will be able to bring us more and better experience.

A clear demand fulfillment of the conditions

Thunder dog can be "full network broadcast," that no matter what the video search will normally provide on-demand capabilities, on-demand video to RM, RMVB and WMV video formats mainly three types of follow-up will provide support for other formats. Of course, to make better use of on-demand feature, the more bandwidth the better, recommend more than 2Mbps.

Second, install GVOD

To achieve on-demand function, must be installed GVOD, can be downloaded and installed from the Demand can also automatically download and install before. However, we suggest that you first download and install.

Third, to prepare on-demand

Open the Thunder Dogs of Home, enter keywords movie, then you can see the interface shown in Figure 1. You will find more of the "Play Speed" and "play" two columns, longer articles playback speed, said the effect would be a good player. However, the playback speed yellow article or shorter, you can also try on-demand, and not only the playback speed of the progress bar as the sole determining criteria. After clicking "Play" button will appear in Figure 2, the floating layer, click the "know, begin broadcasting it!" Link to get started on demand.

Figure 1 preparation on-demand

Figure 2 start on-demand

Fourth, to achieve on-demand

1. General demand

Shown in Figure 3 can be seen after the playback window, the player with the Thunder to play a little different look. You can see playback speed, you can also see the film of the bit stream, can also achieve full-screen playback, the free volume control. It has a very important feature, allowing us to drag the progress bar for playback.

Figure 3 for playing

2. Sub-set of on-demand

BT resources can sometimes be the case with multiple episodes, as shown in Figure 4 will pop up a "selection diversity" window, click to play the post. Special attention is that no dog is now providing electricity Thunder mule and blog resources on-demand feature, so search for those resources can not be demand for the time being.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Mirrors Edge" Cheats

Code: Result:

god God Mode

jesus Jesus Mode

dropme Free Cam (requires God Mode)

FreeFlightCamera Change 1st/3rd Person Camera

ammo Unlimited Ammo

loadfullinventory All Weapons

stat xunit Show FPS

slomo 0.4 Slo-Mo Mode ON

slomo 1.0 Slo-Mo Mode OFF

LockAllLevels Lock All Levels

UnlockAllLevels Unlock All Levels

LockAllTT Lock All Time Trials

UnlockAllTT Unlock All Time Trials

Leipzig Unknown Effect

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

AlltoDVD DVD to PS3

AlltoDVD DVD to PS3 is a professional DVD movie to PS3 video converter software. AlltoDVD DVD to PS3 directly converts DVD movies to your PS3. All you need do is to connect PS3 to your PC and start Super DVD to PS3 Converter. When the conversion is completed. AlltoDVD DVD to PS3 is an innovative Windows application that transcodes your favorite DVD movies to SONY PS3 directly. You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on PS3. Integrated world-class MPEG4 encoder make it possible to transcode whole DVD disc with the time half of playback time of DVD. You can select any audio track, subtitle, chapters of the DVD as you want.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Graphic Equalizer Studio

* New in this version
* Mixer Play List (use it like Windows Media Player) *
* Batch Restoration Tool for your MP3 files *
* Correlations Meter
* RMS Level Meter and Peak Level for the Input and Output
* integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer
* 1/3 Octave displaying for the frequency bands
* Automatic Calculation of Band Frequencies with Octave selector
* DSP Normalization of Wave files
* Programmable Frequency selection with independent Band Calculator
* Programmable Q-Factor for fine-tuning separate configurations
* Configurations saved in 2 convenient locations for reloading all project data
* Automated Equalization of Live Audio in Real time for evaluation via external support
* Automated Real time Equalization of all Digital Audio infinitely with no loss of quality
* MP3 Player / Refresher
* Q-Factor for fine-tuning separate configurations
* Sync to loop feature for specific evaluation of Digital Audio files
* Programmable Frequency selection with independent Band Calculator Programmable
When Auto Correct is enabled, it will scan all selected frequencies in the wav file to determine the minimum and maximum amplitudes.It will then correct these variations by automatically increasing or decreasing the levels of attenuation at specific frequency intervals (usually 1/3 octave).

The result is a nearly linear frequency response. For the listener, this creates more consistent sounding audio. A typical application that would benefit from this tool is an internet radio station. A common problem that many of these stations experience is an inconsistency in true audio reproduction (i.e., different songs sound different).